Pedal Plates – Look Keo compatible


This Pedal Plate converts your Look Keo compatible pedals for use with all types of shoes by creating a flat surface with grip to enhance comfort and safety.

Pedal Plates have a lifetime guarantee against breakage and 3 years on tear and wear.

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The Pedal Plate is a compact and robust one-piece solution and only weighs a 41 grams per set.

It is easy to store and use, by inserting and removing by hand and for high tension pedals we added the opportunity to remove the pedal plate by using a tool.

The Pedal Plate will increase the Fun On Investment for your road bike as soon as you start using it:

  • for commuting
  • on your holidays
  • showing off during leisure time
  • sharing your bike with friends and relatives

This type is compatible with all pedals using the Look Keo pedal system. If you are not sure if you are using those, please visit our FAQ-page first.


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