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Adapt your SPD-SL or Keo pedals and have more fun with your road bike!

Increased FOI

The Pedal Plate will increase the Fun On Investment for your road bike as soon as you start using it:

  • for commuting
  • on your holidays
  • showing off during leisure time
  • sharing your bike with friends and relatives

Simplicity works

One-piece, robust and affordable solution providing flat surface with grip to enhance comfort and safety.


No compromises by chasing “one solution fits all”. The Pedal Plate is purely focussed on delivering the optimal solution for each of the Shimano SPD-SL and the Look Keo (2Max) pedal systems.


The Pedal Plate will not change your pedals center of gravity. No hanging upside-down so you can use the same routine for bringing your foot to the Pedal Plate as you do with your cycling shoes on.

Light and compact

A set of Pedal Plates only weighs 41grams and is very compact. That makes them easy to store or take with you in your saddle bag, jeans, jacket or jersey.


With a retail price of only € 14,95 and no need to buy additional cleats, the Pedal Plate is also the most cost efficient solution.

Easy to use

Easy to insert

Keep standard pedal approach

Simple to remove

Where can I get myself a Pedal Plate?

Have a look at the store locator to find your nearest  dealer or visit our webshop.

Pedal Plates are shipped worldwide on the first working day from ordering in our webshop:

And get ready for summer!